We’re┬ápart of a group of concerned citizens who have started to pull on the threads of the curtain we’re not supposed to look behind. We have discovered that yes, there are monsters in this world, and we need to go after them. There is much that is hidden and we’re going to uncover it. Our starting point is the Clinton Foundation. So far as we can tell it is a giant money laundering organization through which political favors are bought and sold. So far we’ve compiled a ~90 page document summarizing our findings.

Feel free to peruse it.

So far we’ve been rather successful in memeing CF into the public sphere.

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We’re riding a big spike and might be able to take it all down if we all work together

Here’s how you can help:

We’ve established 3 basics steps that allow us to all operated independently with no external authority forces

Find a task:
Go through the collected information and find something to do

Do a thing:
Do the thing you found. Is it digging? Making memes to promote the information? Engaging in outreach to find more like minded thinkers? (Hi)

Post Results:
Share what you’ve done with the collective so they can use it.

We just want to know the truth