More on Cheryl Mills, the Clinton aide turned shady businessmen.


After her departure from the State Department, she was allowed to keep her clearance level to access classified information. Clinton requested that the she be allowed to keep her clearance, despite her leaving to found the BlackIvy group. Presumably it was to gain information to help her business and delete emails that may tarnish the Clinton name. Most likely the ones retaining to the CF.


BlackIvy has been under fire for a multitude of reason, this article will explains why, it has been said before.


BlackIvy is also under an extreme amount of fire for proposing for a 23 cent minimum wage in Ghana, despite all the founders and CEOs calling for a 15 dollar minimum wage in the U.S. Here is another article explaining that and the actual powerpoint used to attract businesses to Africa.


Another fun fact about Cheryl, she is also on the board of directors of the Clinton foundation. She helped defend Bill in 1999 and has been a retainer goon for Hillary since then.

>tl;dr mills is a terrible at business and still uses her clearance to make money, similar to insider trading.


Also, here is a article about the Tanzania port authorities trying to shut down BlackIvy. I haven’t read it because it has to be paid for and I want none of my information near this shit.,108093300-ART