Here’s something interesting: The Clinton Foundation has connections to four out of five members of the UN Security Council.

US Government

UK Government: (Not the most reliable source, please verify)

According to this, the UK government has donated roughly £50 Million to the Clinton Foundation from Since 2009 and continuing as recent as 2015. A large chunk of this money actually went to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which is nonetheless connected to the Foundation.

Russian Government:

“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million.”

The donation to the Clinton Foundation was in 2013.

Rosatom, formerly The Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation until 2007, is a State-run company that controls all Uranium and Nuclear assets within the Russian Federation. In 2013 they purchased an 100% stake in Uranium One through their subsidiary company ARMZ Uranium Holding. This gives a very indirect tie between the Russian Government and the Clinton Foundation via a completely unrelated (to human rights) foreign state-run Canadian Uranium mining company.

Oh yeah, and Uranium One controls 20% of all Uranium within the United States.

Chinese Government:

In 2013, a company called Rilin Enterprises donated $2 Million to the Clinton Foundation. The Owner is Billionare Wang Wenliang.

Weng Liang is very shady. In Early 2015 he was reported as behind a shell corporation to purchase luxury condos in the Time Warner Centre in NY. Additionally, he has extensive ties to the Chinese Government, having built a Chinese Embassy in New Jersey, which requires a lot of trust.

Ironically, New Jersey Authorities noted the poor working conditions during the construction of the Embassy, including poor sanitation and overcrowding. Meaning a man who has shown a complete disregard for working conditions sent a $2 million donation to a foundation that is supposedly fighting for better condition in all aspects of life, and has also been involved in China’s Human Rights in the past? Very odd.

Source for the Shell Corp and the working conditions (at the bottom of the page)

French Government:
Nothing yet.

Oh yeah, and an Indian politician by the name of Amar Singh made a donation of $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary has stated in the past she wants India on the UN Permanent Security Council. Also Amar Singh’s net worth is 100 crore rupees, or about $16,000,000 USD. This means he has donated nearly a third of his net worth to the Clinton Foundation.

Note that a lot of these donations were made from 2013-2015. Perhaps they were used to fund Hilary’s campaign?

Anyway, Hillary has interacted extensively with the United Nations Security Council in the past and likely wants their co-operation during her potential Presidency. And if Soros the Mastermind is planning a le ebin super secret evil New World Order, the Security Council would surely be an important component of that.

If any of these connections are true, this could be huge.