Trying to into piecing things together like everyone else so I can contribute, but I suck at it so I will post what I have gathered and what I think so far.

Possible Clinton Connections with Penn State and Sandusky.
Bill Clinton visits Penn State Behrend, Friday, April 8

Professor’s latest book examines presidential bid of Hillary Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Visits University Park

Hillary Clinton’s Father and Brother attend Penn State – Both Played Football (possible sandusky connection)

Hugh E. Rodham Memorial Scholarship – Not much information listed – Benefactors: Friends and family of Hugh E. Rodham

As Many As Six Penn State Coaches Witnessed Jerry Sandusky Rape Children
“A lawyer for one of the three ‘90s coaches denied his client had seen anything. A second coach declined to comment. A third could not be reached, and the name of the fourth was not disclosed to NBC News.”

Joe Paterno Reportedly Knew of Sandysky’s Abuse Since 1976

Joe Paterno Concealed Facts for Sandusky

The Second Mile – Sandusky Founded nonprofit for underprivileged youth – ceased operations
“The Second Mile had three offices in Pennsylvania, with headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania. The charity’s revenue, primarily from donations and fundraisers such as golf tournaments, was $3 million in 2009.
[10] Major companies and foundations that have given to The Second Mile include Bank of America, Bank of NY Melon, the Hershey Company, Merck,
State Farm, Sheetz, U.S. Steel Corp., PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, local Walmarts and newspapers. [11] The charity paid its CEO $133,000 a year, and his wife received about $100,000 a year.”

Another top official at Second Mile to leave charity
Penn State hires former counsel to Bill Clinton

Still working on finding more, see if anyone can piece anything together here. Most likely just suspicion, but one can never tell.

Board Members of Second Mile Donate to Corbett Campaign

Sandusky’s Charity “Served” Nearly 400k Individuals

Sandusky Made $500k After Admitting Hanging Out With Boy – Important: Points out compensation for three officials in Second Mile

ESPN Matt Millen Director at Second Mile Charity

Tax Returns for Sandusky’s deal

Summary of Key Points on Sandusky

At Second Mile, Who Knew What and When Did They Know It?

Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity May Be as Culpable as Penn State

Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity May Be as Culpable as Penn State

It seems to me that there was a huge coverup involving the board and Tom Corbett, as well as potential child trafficking from the charity itself. This could link back to both Jeffrey Epstein’s doings and the Clintons, as the Clintons have close ties with Penn State and the football program.

Im finding names of people that will need to be interviewed and a few books that will need reading. Sandusky was part of a tri state child sex ring. Im pretty tired. Here are some good links if someone wants to carry on.

A couple people who need looked into.
Lt. Col. Michael Aquino
Greg Bucceroni
This article brings up Greg Bucceroni. Searching him on google brings up a ton of leads for child sex rings in the area. Im sure any and all of those sex rings are related. They all seemed to be high profile “customers”

****POSSIBLE CONNECTION TO CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING**** and it wasn’t even the one i was looking for (still digging into late-90s bosnia)

Lanny Davis: connected to HRC and the Penn State sex scandal
>first he’s trying to patch up the penn state fiasco

>then he’s gushing about how awesome he thinks CF is