Make the case black and white for them.

1. Show what they did
2. Show the law
3. Show how they broke the law

We will NOT find incriminating evidence in a pre published article. I can’t stress this enough. Use an article as a lead, then start digging like mad:

-business registration documents
-published financials
-professional fundraisers used?
-is organization properly registered to solicit funds
-is organization properly registered as a public charity? Or are they just saying so on their 990s in hope that they don’t get caught?
-are they using any potential loopholes in the law to get away with what they’re doing? (This means reading the actual law)
-Any similarities between multiple organization? (Names, addresses, signing lawyers)
-who’s the registered owner of their website?
If you find something interesting, it will open up new questions you weren’t aware needed answering. Investigate those leads, find the raw data. Build a case bulletproof and politicians and the media would have no choice but to address.

This is how we evolve from conspiratards to uncovering undeniable facts.