Red Team Guide

The creation of the red team thread compartment of /cfg/ was created to answer this question.

The framework reveals the hypothesis:

Apply three step formula:
Find a thing to do
Do the thing
Post results.

tl;dr George Soros is using his billions to fund efforts toward the goal of a single world government, presiding over a single group of passive serfs.

“Conspiracy lunacy!”

So was the idea of a continent-wide, representative, constitutional republic A. ever existing, B. winning the bloodiest war in human history, C. inventing weapons which can literally end the species, and D. ruling over the entire planet.

We seek evidence consistent with it.
>Red Team Ops:

>Develop lines of master narrative
>>Increasing failed and failing states is consistent with weakening borders goal
>>”Flushing” failed state zone refugees into developed world is consistent with weakening borders goal
>>Encouraging mass numbers of refugees is consistent with miscegenation goal
>>Leaders advocating these policies are aligned with Soros

>Develop short term extensions of current trends
>>public acts of mass violence trend
>>continuing spread of failed and failing states trend
>>continuing advocacy for abandoning national sovereignty trend
>>increasing pressure for gun control trend

>Develop role-specific evidence, however concrete, or circumstantial
>>The global “black team” cabal is real.
>>Hitllary is the Chief Money Laundering Officer
>>Bill is the Chief Marketing Officer
>>Obama is the Chief Operations Officer
>>Merkel is the Chief of Research and Development
>>State Department and Pentagon are the Production units

>beware shills. the latest tactic is to imitate the recent influx of “insider with intimate knowledge” for the purpose of instilling a sense of futility, and urging us to abandon the effort. They are scared

I preface this by saying I don’t know if I should post this in the Red Team thread or here, so I’ll post it here. I think a major part of the picture that we’re missing is how a major organization like Soros’ will reduce aggression in the world among society in general. A major piece of this puzzle to reduce aggression among males is to increase the amount of estrogen that males are exposed to around the world. Estrogen makes men more like women so it makes sense for people who want to subdue groups to spread it amongst that group. So, how does one accomplish this goal.

(Side note: notice how the number of transgenders and gays have been increasing and their advocacy has increased. Side note 2: Notice the the correlation between fat people, fat has more estrogen, and how obesity has risen. This would bring more people out of military eligibility and also limit the aggressiveness of a population significantly.)

I would reccomend some eagleeyed anons to look at the links between big pharma and Soros, include shampoos and any products that touch the skin regularly in that assessment since products which touch the skin for about 25 seconds are absorbed into the skin. Also look for links between big food (i.e. BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, and Syngenta) and State Department coercion on smaller countries as well as on big processed food companies (i.e. coke, kraft, conagra, etc.) and how they are regulated as well as their connections to Soros.

I think that if we looked at Soros’ connections to what would otherwise would be everyday companies, we might be surprised. I don’t know if we’ll find anything but this may help find other aspects of their overall conspiracy.

tl;dr Find connections between Soros, big pharma, big GMO, big food, and how the State Department helps these companies.

Who is the black team, exactly?

In summary, short of linking to the detailed mind maps of /cfg/ central, the black team is:

>George Soros, et. al.
>Any institution captured by an ideology which embraces, or exhorts:
>>”No person is illegal” – the rally cry for a borderless world.
>>”Immigration is among our core value traditions” – No western nation has ever held among its core traditions inviting terrorists to commit acts of warfare upon its soil. (That includes the warfare act of mass rape). The conflation of immigration with invited infiltration is a key rhetorical magic trick to keep a keen eye out for.
>>”World peace,” “White privilege,” “No oppressed group can be racist.” – all candy land follies formulated to erode ethnic identity, consistent with the Soros-ian goals of a single mocha-colored serfdom.
>>Gun control. Gimme a D. Gimme a U. Gimme an H. What does that spell.
>Institutions thus include, the Democrat party of the US, the post-secondary learning institutions of the US, the federal bureaucracy, and any stated globalist organization.

The black team is not a conspiracy, it is an ideology. It thrives on the left in every infected nation, but the right of many is also infected, especially in the US. It’s values are progress toward its goals by any means. It’s tactics are falsehood as truth, victimhood as a weapon. As we have seen, the black team will sacrifice entire populations (Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq) to its goals.

Who is not the black team – patriots. In the US, Trump’s base is best described as the Patriot movement. America first. Constitution as manifesto, rule of law above all else. There is evidence (forgive me, Kirk) that Russia stands against the globalist programme. Nationalists wherever they are found my be counted as allies. Pic related.