Marc Rich, whose foundations have donated some $100 million over the past two decades, 80 percent of it to good causes in Israel.”
We sent over 100 letters to the White House, some of which were addressed to me and contained appreciation of Marc Rich’s philanthropy, and others addressed directly to [Bill] Clinton

Azoulay, who has headed the Tel Aviv arm of the foundation for six years, said it had given the hospital about $1.2 million.
”We often get requests from donors to write a letter stating that they have given us money, so we didn’t think it unusual. But we had no idea it would be used for getting a pardon.”

The book of appreciation to Rich has not yet been published (is it now?)

TL;DR Rich and his foundation have been friends with the Clintons since forever and Rich used a simplistic yet forethought dupe : he donated random millions to hospitals and such and when he needed a pardon he asked them all to write a letter telling good things about him.

He also gave massive amounts of cash to Israel and jewish foundations.

check this out, just screening for info at the moment:
Anons here is a translated version of this email from the Turkey wikileaks put all info in a pastebin. it was a wall of text so might not flow well

Choice excerpt:
>FBI can not find a kind of castle Rich living in Switzerland. Former federal prosecutor for organized Gueliani R. Rich, 1982 51 crime investigation files in the summary, it will not miss the $ 48 million tax evasion and the arms trade. US history is the largest smuggling. Wanted list of the top ten most important people Richer. Rich is a quick trader. Soros, due to the US bombing of Serbia and Kosovo, stirred up, Rich has sold oil embargo drilling Serbia. Hostage crisis period, selling arms to Iran in exchange for oil Rich still has penetrated markets in the Iraqi oil embargo. Rich is the most important actors on the metal exchanges. Rich’s refineries in Romania with offices in Spain, factories Australia, Sardinia and West Virginia. Rich, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, chromium, magnesium, copper and coal dominate the market. When the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, said Rich are donated, the telephone Clinton twice. The Mossad chief Shavit, in his letter, with Rich’s extensive relationship indicates that achieve important things. the foundation of Israel, they sent a letter to the President of the United States. Israel “Marc Rich Foundation” has the foundation and “The movement For Quality Government” has organization, is managing Michal Herzog. Michal Herzog, was the wife of Ehud Barak’s government secretary Yitzhak Herzog. Yitzhak Herzog, the former president’s son Chami Herzog. Chami Herzog is enough to make the trip through China and Kazakhstan Shaul Eisenberg private aircraft is in intimate relationships. Although the details are a bit overwhelming, until come to our country, ‘openness’ and ‘moral’ terms should be important to know the nature of management suggests. We need to add a little more detail

>FBI and Interpol’s most wanted man on the side of the position her husband Marc David Rich, famous in the US. Denise (Eisenberg), Rich Sister Sledge one hand, Bette Midler, when writing lyrics for singers such as Celine Dion, on the other hand has cut the legs from Akev. Manhattan Akev (USA Presidential Palace, Whitehouse) elite of society Mrs. Rich, over $ 500,000 to the Democratic Party, Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Library while the project was $ 450,000 in aid. Hillary Clinton, to thank Shortly after he won the senatorial elections and had gone to Tel Aviv to show their support for Israel. On the other hand, MD Rich’s attorney and lobbyist Jack Quinn, before Akev consultant and later, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff has made Al Gore. After all these positive relationships, and Spain, as well as Swiss nationals, Marc Rich and accomplice David Pincus (Pinky) Green are among the 141 people donated by Clinton. What the Rich, is neither the first nor the last person that donated the president.

Leads (?) :
– Marc Rich Foundation (Marc Rich?)
– Mossad chief Shavit
– Ehud Barak’s government secretary Yitzhak Herzog
– Chami Herzog
– Shaul Eisenberg private aircraft
– Marc David Rich (ah-ha!)
– Denise (Eisenberg)
– Bette Midler
– Jack Quinn
– Manhattan Akev (USA Presidential Palace, Whitehouse)
– Clinton’s deputy chief of staff has made Al Gore
– Marc Rich and his accomplice David Pincus (Pinky) Green are among the 141 people donated by Clinton
That’s a lot of leads boys. All of them sound shady as fuck and remember the Clinton Foundation is huge.
We need to look into every lead.

>Rich and Green have had extensive trade with terrorist states and other enemies of the United States despite clear legal restrictions on such trade. (commodities trading with Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and other rogue states that have sponsored terrorist acts)
>Marc Rich and Pincus Green attempted to obstruct the criminal investigation of them in every way imaginable, including attempting to smuggle subpoenaed documents out of the country. They fled the country rather than face trial.
>Marc Rich and Pincus Green attempted to renounce their United States citizenship. It demonstrated that they had no loyalty to the United States, and viewed their citizenship as a liability to be discarded at will.
>Marc Rich hired Jack Quinn after a recommendation from Eric Holder. Jack Quinn’s work on the Rich pardon was in apparent violation of Executive Order 12834. That executive order was enacted as part of President Clinton’s promise to create “the most ethical administration in history,” and it prohibited former executive branch employees from lobbying their former executive branch agencies within five years of their departure
>The “letters of support” in the pardon petition were used in a misleading manner
>Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak spoke to President Clinton three times about the Rich pardon. Barak had met with Rich personally, and told Clinton that the Rich pardon “could be important . . . not just financially, but he helped (((Mossad))) on more than one case.”
>President Clinton has failed to answer any questions about the Rich and Green pardons.
This report is huge and it ties Rich and Green with a lot of stuff we’ve already been putting our nose in.
Everyone should try to find clues. All this was from the first few pages out of a hundred.

READ THIS (also slight commentary/summary)
We have found Marc Rich in the Turkey Wikileaks emails, having ties to Clinton, Gülen, his institutes in America, and his followers. This short article gives us a lot of connected names and we also got a new institute to search for – but we all know what it really is about, from its name: “The Marc Rich Foundation for Education, Culture and Welfare ” in Luzern. If one of the Swiss could look into this, and Marc Rich (moved to Switzerland after Bill Clinton pardoned him), it would be a huge help. I am certain this Rich guy has a lot of dirt on him, and has very close ties with the foundation.

If you do not know by now, Gülen was the leader of the recent coup attempt.
He is an Islamist (much more “extremist” than Erdogan himself) who fled to America, and the Clintons and all the other usual suspects are very friendly to him. He has several institutes and schools all across the USA and gets a lot of money injected into these straight from American officials connected to the government.

Out of all the institutes Gülen has recently sent money to as “charity”, it was the Clinton Foundation who received the biggest amount.

From the Comey And The Clintons section:
>Comey declined to elaborate on other cases, but among the most publicized pardons was the one Clinton gave to fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich. Rich’s ex-wife, Denise, was a major donor to the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton library foundation.

Quick news search:
>Marc Rich traded illegally with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and made deals with Libya’s Moammar Khadafy, Yogoslavia’s Slobodan Milošević and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung — earning him a spot on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.
>Days after it was revealed that a senior UBS executive named Pierre de Weck had written a letter to Clinton “to support his request for a pardon,” the Swiss banking giant cancelled its discussions with Clinton about a lucrative post-White House speech, apparently “worried that a large speaking fee would create an appearance of impropriety.”
>The United States indicted Rich in 1983, hitting him with charges—tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, trading with the enemy—that could’ve brought life in prison. Rich fled the country.
>On Jan. 19, 2001, Holder advised the White House that he was “neutral leaning favorable” on pardoning Rich.
>In interviews with journalist Daniel Ammann for his biography, “The King of Oil”, the normally obsessively secretive Rich admitted to bribing officials in countries such as Nigeria and to assisting the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.


Someone mentioned in the last thread that the GSA rented a floor in a building, but that was not a good lead. There may be a little something here.

I searched through for any solicitations for bidding that might be related to the CF. There’s a current bid for a project that outright says that you have to liaise with the Clinton Foundation.
That’s the first of 14 results with the name “Clinton Foundaton.”
Screencap of search results from “Clinton”:

Associated groups with the CFG mentioned in the bids:
Global Fund
CFG (obviously)
World Bank