Did you see the disabled girl speaking at the DNC? That’s not a normal cripple. Her family has a serious history. And I think we need to investigate.

Her grandfather was the actual dictator of Nicaragua
Source: http://articles.latimes.com/1994-05-01/news/mn-52591_1_alba-mary-somoza-nicaraguan-dictator-anastasio-somoza

He was overthrown by the Sandinistas Liberation Front in 1979, which led to the Contra War, in which the US government took the side of the Dictators Anti-revolutionaries (the side that supported teh crippled girls grandfather)

Here’s some additional reading on the contra war, sources on the wiki page give direct links to the CIA attempting to stop the counter revolutionaries

And check out the Coat of Arms for nicaragua. It shares an odd resemblance to the “illuminati” symbol

She works with the clinton foundation, which is obviously predated by the activities that her grandfather was involved in, but its odd that the CIA was involved, and now shes involved with the Clinton Foundation

CF links:

Just google “anastasia somoza clinton foundation”
And there are loads of links associated with her
I just found out about this connection, so I will continue to dig, but any additional help would be beneficial.