Market Mastery Profit Plans Stock Trading Review

Traders from throughout the world have been feeding me a diet of questions over the years, and they seem to be getting more and more concerned about what the بازرگانی ققنوس future holds. Many people like everyone else are just trying to survive nowadays in this markets, and they don’t know what to do.

If more people bought and sold in accordance with these plans, not only do i think more traders would be living through today’s markets, I think they’d be prospering. What you are about to read is more valuable to you than what you will really find in many trading courses that you’d have to pay for.

Profit Plan #1: Become motivated Dealer

Over the years, I’ve observed that there are two types of “traders”. Now, I realize these are generalizations, but they illustrate two quite typical mindsets. Which one are you?

The Dependent Dealer: This type of person is usually looking for the straightforward solution, looking to produce a quick money, or wants to strike it rich. They think it’s possible to “follow the crowd”, blindly place trades pumped out by a system that “can’t lose”, and quit their job. The bottom line is that this type of dealer relies upon on someone else for their financial success : forever, for life. Yes, The Dependent Dealer can be successful with this attitude, but I believe the odds of success are low (probably around 5%).

The Independent Dealer: This type of person wants to have as much control of their financial success as possible. They understand that when they know how the markets work, they’re empowered to place informed trades while not having to rely on someone else. Someone who is motivated Dealer knows they are increasing their probability of success in the markets, which can make their financial and lifelong dreams come true a whole lot more quickly. The bottom line is that this type of dealer holds the keys to the kingdom, and has control of their financial future for their entire life, no matter what happens.

That’s why one of my goals with this report is to help with making you motivated Dealer. Will this report alone do it? No, of course not. However, it should give you a “fast track” toward discovering using trade the wall street game for you.

Here is a typical scenario that plays out in the markets over and over again that is particularly harmful to the Dependent Dealer.

The current view of the Financial Media Stars, back in April, ’08 might have been that the financial related stocks (including the bank stocks) have bottomed out and are on their way up and that the worst is over for these companies. And so blasting over the airwaves are almost emotional interests “Buy, Buy, Buy! inches the bank stocks including Citicorp.

Now on this recommendation, Citicorp initially moved up a few dollars but then abruptly stopped in its tracks and began a long slide down, dropping another 50% from the April, ’08 highs to the June, ’08 lows. At this point, it was obvious to one and all that buying in April was not a good thing to do. And right about at that time, accompanied by the June lows, what did the Financial Media Star do? He through in the towel on the financial stocks including Citicorp and said, “Sell, Sell, Sell! inches But it was too late : the damage had been done. So the cry by the media to “Buy, Buy, Buy” Citicorp was too early, and the cry to “Sell, Sell, Sell” came only after having a drop of 50% from the April ’08 highs; of course, much too late.

Enter the Independent Dealer, who is not influenced at all with what the Financial Media Star is saying, the item ., because the Independent Dealer doesn’t even listen to or know or even want to know what the Financial Media Star is saying. Instead the Independent Dealer is advised by good trading methods which he has mastered, that screen for good high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities, with precise setup conditions, entry rules, stop loss protection to limit risk, position size rules, and an exit strategy to exit trades of course profitably.

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